Millwall Roofer’s are your Commercial Roofing Experts and Professionals

Millwall Roofers builds, installs, and repairs commercial roofs of all varieties. We have been serving business owners and property managers across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for a number of years. Our service division can respond to emergency commercial roof repairs 24 hours a day. Many of the most prominent businesses in the Lower Mainland have relied on Millwall Roofers to service, repair and install their commercial roofs for many years. Our prompt customer service, extensive knowledge of commercial roofing material and best practices, as well as the effort we make to be minimally disruptive to business operations has made Millwall Roofers the single-source roofing contractor for many large businesses from the Fraser Valley to North Vancouver.

 Our commercial roofing services include:

– New roof construction and installation. – Emergency and routine roof repairs.

– Regular inspections and maintenance.  – Commercial roof replacements.

Millwall Roofers has been providing reliable commercial roofing services for many years. We guarantee all our work and provide unbeatable manufactures warranties on all our products and services. We perform regular commercial roof maintenance and inspections as well as prompt emergency services. When you have other contractors working on your roof installing or upgrading your HVAC or other building systems, we will communicate and consult with them as necessary and perform a thorough inspection before, during and after the job, as need be, to guarantee that your commercial roof is undamaged.

 Whether you own or operate a single small business or have several large locations spread around the Lower Mainland, Millwall Roofers can be your reliable commercial roofing contractor. We will carry out regular roof inspections, emergency commercial roof repairs, and go out of our way to guarantee that your business has a solid, dependable roof. For more information about our commercial roofing products and services, or to schedule a roof inspection or repair, call Millwall Roofers today.