Millwall Roofer’s are your Chimney Repairs & Replacements Experts and Professionals

Chimney Inspections

Your chimney should be thoroughly inspected by a professional once per year. Millwall employs experienced, qualified technicians who take your safety seriously. Call anytime for a thorough Chimney Inspection.

Millwall Repairs

What to do about the chimney? Old brick chimneys are often missing mortar, leaning to one side, gummed up with caulking and tar. We cannot guarantee water ingress around the chimney unless new counter flashing is installed. Some roofers rush to finish nailing shingles and the chimney flashing is usually forgotten. Millwall Roofing has experienced chimney masons who can do the following: Replacing counter flashing, chimney re-pointing, chimney re-building, new pot and crowns.

Chimney Caps and Guards

Chimney Caps and Guards help to keep unwanted items out of your chimney and your home: rain, birds, raccoons and other animals, and back draft as well as trapping sparks and hot ash from escaping your fireplace.

Chimney Liner

Many older chimneys are either unlined or their liners are damaged. These chimneys are difficult to properly clean and pose a significant risk of fire. For damaged or aged chimneys, a new chimney liner is often the most affordable and practical way of making your home safer from the risk of chimney fire. Millwall Roofing operates a 24/7 service division. If your chimney is smoking, leaking, or showing any other signs that require an immediate service do not hesitate to call. A technician will be happy to head straight over and get your chimney back in top form so you can enjoy your fireplace.